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Tec-Spiral Annular Cutters were made of high graded steel material and have reputations for its good performance, durability, and sharpness. They can make holes between diameter 12mm (7/16") to 130mm (5") with material depth of 30mm (1"), 55mm (2"), 75mm (3") and 110mm (4“). With multiple cutting edges on the surface, annular cutters are more durable than traditional drill bits for 5 to 10 times. Also, they may work without pre-drill holes or segmented jobs of cutting. The finished holes are with smooth surface and no burrs. Its specially designed geometry and random spatial structure of the tip allows faster feeding rate and smaller vibration which leads to better efficiency. Tec-Spiral Annular Cutters, with great rust resistance, can be the great solution for steel construction and engineering industries.